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Guideline / Technical Bulletin

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Technical Bulletin DVS 3223 (07/2016)
Dynamic Deflection of Electron Beams for Material Processing

Topic: Elektronenstrahlschweißen
Short version

The technical bulletin describes the dynamic deflection of electron beams and the equipment required for this purpose in material processing facilities for welding, ablation and thermal surface treatment. On their way from the cathode to the workpiece, electrons must be influenced by electric or magnetic fields in their propagation for the material processing. For this purpose, the beam generator contains coil systems (magnet optics) whose magnetic fields focus, deflect and stigmatize (round off) the electron beam according to their arrangement. A distinction is made between static and dynamic coils whose magnetic fields remain constant during the process (centering and stigmatizing coil) and fields which change more or less rapidly (deflector, lens).

Responsible people

Marvin Keinert



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