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Comment feature of the DVS set of rules portal

Registered users and DVS members have an opportunity to comment on DVS bulletins and guidelines. This enables a range of experts to contribute their specialised knowledge.

The capabilities associated with the comment option depend on the respective processing status of each document and whether you are logged in as a DVS member or registered user.

DVS members and registered users can provide overall remarks on specific works. DVS members can also comment on individual elements of documents such as text, images, formulas, etc.

Comments can be made on ...
Technical Bulletin DVS 0700 (01/2018)
Prerequisites for the acquisition of the authorisation to issue in-house welder and or operator quailification test certificates as a manufacturer
Topic: Quality assurance of welding work
Guideline DVS 3213 (11/2017)
Recommendations for cleaning weld grooves for electron beam welding
Topic: Beam welding
Guideline DVS 3223 (08/2017)
Dynamic Deflection of Electron Beams for Material Processing
Topic: Beam welding
Technical Bulletin DVS 1618 (05/2017)
Elastic Thick Layer Adhesives Used in Rail Vehicle Applications
Topic: Welding in rail vehicle construction
Technical Bulletin DVS 2811 (05/2017)
Technical Bulletin: Test Procedures for Wire Bonded Joints
Topic: Joining in electronics and precision engineering
Guideline DVS 2715 (02/2017)
Supervisors-line managers responsible for welding soldering-brazing and thermal spraying in aerospace contruction
Topic: Welding in aircraft and spacecraft construction
Technical Bulletin DVS 0911 EN (08/2016)
Tungsten carbide electrodes for tungsten inert gas welding
Topic: Arc welding
Technical Bulletin DVS 2713 Supplement (04/2016)
Welding of titanium materials - Sample images of tempering colours
Topic: Schweißen im Luft- und Raumfahrzeugbau
Guideline DVS 2713 (04/2016)
Welding of titanium materials Materials, processes, manufacture, inspection and evaluation of weld joints with supplementary sheet
Topic: Welding in aircraft and spacecraft construction
Guideline DVS 1612 (08/2014)
Design and endurance strength analysis of steel welded joints in rail-vehicle construction
Topic: Welding in rail vehicle construction
Technical Bulletin DVS DGUV 1204 (04/2014)
Assistance for users for the determination of information according to the Hazardous Substances Ordinance
Topic: Occupational health and safety and environmental protection
Guideline DVS 1904-2 (02/2010)
Adhesive bonding of plastics in domestic installation Pipes and fittings - Adhesive bonding operation Findings on adhesive-bonded joints
Topic: Weldig in skilled trades