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A warm welcome to DVS's set of rules portal!

In this portal, you can find all the sets of technical rules of the German Welding Society (DVS).
You can search for documents, comment on these and download them free of charge as a DVS member.

DVS's set of technical rules

With all its activities, the German Welding Society (DVS) supports the continuous advancement of joining, cutting and coating technologies. In this respect, the society places its faith in the joint technical-scientific work between the research, technology, education and standardisation fields. This joint interdisciplinary work extending across different fields is based on exchanging specialist information without delay. Thus, DVS can provide industry, skilled trades and science with application-oriented specialist information.

Amongst other texts, this specialist information from DVS also includes DVS's set of rules which encompasses DVS's technical codes, guidelines and technical bulletins. The state of the art is portrayed and continuously updated in these documents relating to the set of rules. This also entails the regular checking of DVS's technical bulletins, technical codes and guidelines with regard to whether any specific contents should be incorporated into other sets of rules in the sense and for the benefit of the propagation of technology.