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Comment feature of the DVS set of rules portal

Registered users and DVS members have an opportunity to comment on DVS bulletins and guidelines. This enables a range of experts to contribute their specialised knowledge.

The capabilities associated with the comment option depend on the respective processing status of each document and whether you are logged in as a DVS member or registered user.

DVS members and registered users can provide overall remarks on specific works. DVS members can also comment on individual elements of documents such as text, images, formulas, etc.

Comments can be made on ...
  • DVS bulletins as long as no successor version of the respective document exists.
  • DVS guidelines after completion of editorial processing - until the end of the critical review period. After termination of the evaluation period, DVS guidelines undergo final revision and are subsequently published in the set of rules portal.

The overview below shows the comments allowed on DVS bulletins and guidelines for each type of user.

DVS members and previously registered users just need to log in at the top of the page with their username and membership number.

Interested parties that are not members of DVS and are not yet authorised users can create an account. This is done through a one-time registration. >> Click here to apply.

The overview below shows who can comment in what form DVS bulletins and guidelines.